approach ethos

AJS Worksmarts‘ ethos is simply about making things better. I never change things for the sake of it, I don’t approach any situation with pre-conceptions of what will work or bring ready-made solutions just because they worked somewhere else.

I make no assumptions about whether the current practices are right or wrong. I believe that often the knowledge of how to improve things is already there within the people who do the job (it’s our job to bring that out and structure it into a plan)

I know that for any process to work is depended on the commitment and ownership of those who will use it.

Unlike the usual consultancy approach, I am committed to see the process through from initial investigation right to actually seeing the fruits of the work.
Because I have no ‘ready made’ solutions I do not act as an agent for any solutions provider or are bound to one type of solution; the answer may be IT development, or management/staff training, or policy change or business planning/operational change or even a mix of these/something else.

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