approach methodology

AJS Worksmart uses a customised business process methodology that is a mix of elements from the major systems (6Sigma , Kaizen, Scrum etc) coupled with some practical techniques developed from over 20 years of experience in many different areas of business/industry/public services.

This methodology is both pragmatic and scalable so we only use the tools relevant to your particular needs and challenges

The approach is in four main phases

  1. Analysis

    Looking at the way things work currently and where the issues are.

  2. Design

    Designing the new processes and any additional support structures (i.e. systems/ policies etc)

  3. Development

    Identifying and sourcing/developing the solution

  4. Implementation

    Embedding the new processes and supporting structures into the business then evaluating the outcomes

People are key! Its worth noting that this process relies heavily on the involvement of all concerned especially in the analysis and design stages.
Success is wholly dependent on the level of compliance to any given system and a process that is understood and agreed on (and indeed designed by) those who are using it yields much more that a wonderful process that no-one gets.

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